— Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Welcome to Hotel Embassy the Best Vacation Resort in Punta Cana

— Fantastic coastal villas, suites and studios!

About Hotel Embassy

Spacious and bright with a Caribbean touch style, Villa Ciestra comes with different hotel rooms and individual serviced apartments.

Villa is located in the Los Corales, comes with different restaurants and also, in only 5 minutes walking, you will be in the center where there are all attractions such restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy, currency exchange and many more!

— Everything for your unforgettable stay!

Hotel Embassy Amenities

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How to Build the Foundation for a Great Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Step by step instructions to Build an Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Before we hop in, I need to make one thing liberally clear.

You can’t do anything. Nor should you.

In case you’re simply beginning with internet business promoting, it’s critical to initially
fabricate a strong establishment and afterward expand on to that a tiny bit at a time.
Something else, if your focal methodology isn’t unshakable, everything will disintegrate around
you in time.

At the point when you’re constructing an establishment for your web-based online business
promoting procedure, there are three inquiries you need to pose, and in a perfect world,
• Who is my client?
• What need do I satisfy?
• What channels do I have to use to arrive at my client’s?

There are clearly many more subtleties to consider. However, your client ought to be at the
core of your showcasing technique.

Focusing all that you make and impart ought to be revolved around who your client is, the thing
that they need, and where they are.

Who is My Customer?

At the point when you start off doing an extraordinary web-based business showcasing
technique, you need to put a face and a name to your client.

Be that as it may, you’re not going to go out and snap a photograph of your client. You need to
make a nonentity that speaks to your client.

Utilize the information you have around your market and your client and review a fast persona
on who that client is.

Meet Brie, the Businesswoman:
This is only a mockup of what a client persona may resemble. I made this for instance for a
trader that may sell

• Include any data that may be significant about your client:
• Give them a name-something you can consider effectively when you’re composing
• Job and occupation
• Likes, pastimes, interests, values, and so on
• Demographic data: age, sex, area, income, family circumstance, and so forth
• What they need/need (what you explain for them)
• The message that your image offers to this client

The thought behind making an advertising persona like this is to remember Brie when you’re
making substance or composing social messages.

What is she going to need to hear? In what capacity should your tone mirror your image so that
it addresses her? How can she talk, and how might you impersonate that to resound better
with her?

Making a persona like this will assist you with composing an ultra-customized message that will
be applicable to your client. You can even compose as though you are having a discussion with

Keep this showcasing persona at the front line of your technique; it will help you as we plunge
into increasingly complex subjects.

What Need/Want Do I Fulfill for My Customer?

Since you know who your client is, you can decide how your image and your items satisfy their
needs and needs.

For instance, I’ve made Brie for an online style dealer. As a feature of this web-based business
promoting procedure, I would then react to how these garments react to Brie’s needs.

Perceive how Asos.com presents new things from another assortment:

The title for this battle was “Most recent drops from ASOS DESIGN.”

For instance, Brie should have the option to change from day to night effectively. So I would
react that our image has numerous effectively transitional pieces that function admirably in the
workplace or for after-work drinks.

Consider what your clients need and how you react to that need. Presently you have the whole
reason for your substance promoting procedure. We’ll get into that in one minute.

What Channels Do My Customers Use?

This part may take more research. It’s critical to choose which channels you’ll use to connect
with your clients. Be that as it may, you can’t simply pick a channel you think maybe cool and
weapon it.

That wouldn’t bode well.

Where do your clients invest their energy? It is safe to say that they are well on the way to
discover you through search? Is it true that they are prevalently Facebook or Instagram clients?
Do they esteem video substance or instructional exercises or both?

These are questions you can react to by taking a gander at your rival. We’ve just settled that the
web-based business advertise is soaked, so take a gander at your nearest rivals and make sense
of what they’re doing on every one of their channels.

Try not to stop at a basic look at their site.

Pursue their messages, tail them on social media, and make a buy or two. It’s the ideal
approach to perceive how your very own business will have the right stuff.
Contingent upon which channels your clients use, you’ll need to utilize various strategies.

Where are The Best Places to Go for Your Short Staycation

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most socially different capital urban areas in Southeast Asia. Individuals have settled here from all over Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, making the immense blend of people groups, societies, religions, customs and foods that make up the city today. Therefore, there is a burden to involvement and a gigantic assortment of activities in Kuala Lumpur. You can always have your Escort Girl KL in Malaysia for accompanying you during your vacation.

Visit The Petronas Towers

No outing to KL would be finished without seeing the famous Petronas Towers. Standing 451.9metres tall, these are the tallest twin towers on the planet and truly are an incredible sight. And keeping in mind that the towers are excellent all things considered, it’s perspectives on the city underneath from the towers themselves that make these an important expansion to any KL schedule.

Climb 272 Steps To The Batu Caves

About 45minutes north of Kuala Lumpur are the Batu Caves, devoted to the Hindu god Lord Murugan. This is one of the most well known Hindu holy places outside of India. What’s more, it truly feels like you are venturing into Southern India. Also, talking about nourishment, for a genuine taste of South India look at the stunning Indian cafés when you return from the caverns for a deal lunch. You can get the train from KL Sentral to the Batu Caves.

KL Tower

For the best perspectives on the Petronas Towers in the city, make certain to visit Menara KL, otherwise called KL Tower. At a statute of 452metres, it’s the seventh tallest interchanges tower around the world and the lift moves at rocket speed, taking just 54 seconds to arrive at the top. From the perception deck at 276metres, the 360degree perspectives on the city truly are fantastic.m

What to Expect During Your First Trimester of Pregnancy?

The first trimester of pregnancy is a milestone event in your life because this is the time
where the foundations of your baby’s body are going to form.

As new life is conceived, you should expect significant changes to your body, but the
good thing is that these are to be expected. The first trimester lasts from week 1 up to
week 13.

After this 3-month period, what you will be carrying in your tummy will officially be
known as the fetus or a little human.

Today, I am going to be talking about what you should expect during your first trimester
of pregnancy. Keep in mind that preparation is always necessary if you are going to go
on an arduous but rewarding journey such as this.

Before I begin, just remember that all throughout your pregnancy, you should not put
yourself in stressful situations. For example, putting a baby car seat in your vehicle is
cumbersome to do so let your husband or someone else install it for you.

Anyway, here are some symptoms that you can expect during your first trimester:


Because all of the foundations would have to be built during this time, your body will
experience significant changes both inside and out.

In the first two weeks, you will experience little to no symptoms but it will start to ramp
up during the 3 rd week and beyond as your body is preparing itself for the formation of
the fetus. It does this by producing a lot of different hormones and these hormones may
have side effects.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience during your first trimester are:

  • Breast Tenderness or Swelling
  • Toxemia
  • Implantation Bleeding
  • Excessive Sleepiness or Fatigue
  • Dizziness

A Visit to the Doctor

If you are pregnant, you are going to have to go to your gynecologist. Your first
appointment should be anywhere between 7 to 9 weeks in.

What you should expect on your first visit is that you will be asked a series of questions
and they will perform a number of tests to know how they can best create a pregnancy
plan for you.

You will be asked questions about your lifestyle, working conditions, previous
pregnancies (if any), menstrual cycle, medical history, medications (if you are taking
any), among a host of other things.

They will also perform a physical exam where your weight and height will be recorded,
as well as your body mass index or BMI. With it, your heart rate and blood pressure will
also be checked as well.

It is also mandatory for your doctor to perform an obstetric examination to determine if
there is something amiss.

Laboratory Tests

Your first trimester is where your doctor will establish your pregnancy plan. But in order
for them to come up with such, they might require you to get a couple of tests, such as:

  • A pap smear
  • Urine test
  • CBC or Complete Blood Count
  • A test to determine the presence of STIs
  • Blood Group Tests and Rh Factor
  • Tests for HIV, Rubella, and Viral Hepatitis.

What our guests say


We had a wonderful stay at villa Ciestra. The house is beautiful and the pool is amazing. We had multiple meals cooked and prepared and every single one was the best we ever had.

— Jennifer Valles

We would definitely stay there again. Great place, perfect patio and excellent restaurant across the street, right in the middle of the action in Punta Cana.

— Walt Whitman

We had a wonderful stay at villa Ciestra. The house is beautiful and the pool is amazing. We had multiple meals cooked and prepared and every single one was the best we ever had.

— Jennifer Valles

We would definitely stay there again. Great place, perfect patio and excellent restaurant across the street, right in the middle of the action in Punta Cana.

— Walt Whitman