— Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Welcome to Hotel Embassy the Best Vacation Resort in Punta Cana

— Fantastic coastal villas, suites and studios!

About Hotel Embassy

Spacious and bright with a Caribbean touch style, Villa Ciestra comes with different hotel rooms and individual serviced apartments.

Villa is located in the Los Corales, comes with different restaurants and also, in only 5 minutes walking, you will be in the center where there are all attractions such restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacy, currency exchange and many more!

— Everything for your unforgettable stay!

Hotel Embassy Amenities

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5 Important Pages Every WordPress Blog Must Have

1. Contact Page

Understanding how to make money through your blog in Malaysia can be a big challenge, most
especially for beginners. One of the first things you need to think about here is how to connect
with the right people who can offer you wonderful opportunities. Make sure that your WordPress
blog has a contact page, in case advertisers, blog readers, and potential partners want to reach out
to you.

2. Disclaimer Page

A blog disclaimer is highly important if you want to make money online. In this part, you can
communicate to people how exactly you make money from your platform. For example, if you
promote affiliate products and display banner ads, inform people that is how your posts are

3. About Page

An “About” page is essential for any kind of website. Use this page to tell people about your
mission, values, purpose and the people behind your blog. It helps establish trust between you
and your audience. Through this part, you can showcase your content to more people, including
potential business partners.

4. Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page informs people about the data you are collecting for your platform, and
how you and third-party websites utilize this data. Even though you are not gathering user data,
Google Analytics and other third-party tools can still set cookies.
Are you using Google AdSense? If yes, you are required to include a privacy policy page on
your WordPress blog.

5. Products and Services Page

Some bloggers maximize their earning potential by including a products and service page on
their WordPress blog. If you are selling products without utilizing an ecommerce plugin, you
need to build this kind of page manually.

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner will help you achieve your wedding vision.

The right wedding planner can help you turn your wedding vision into reality. You just need to focus on picking the right one. It’s just like choosing the perfect date. Make sure that both of you are getting along well, and is gearing towards the same exact vision. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding or a backyard wedding, the right professional will know the best vendors and venues to pull it off.

A wedding planner will help you with your needs.

There are 3 types of wedding planners— month-of, à la carte and full service. If you want everything to be handled from beginning to end, hire a full-service wedding planner. Get an à la carte planner who can iron out all the details, and give you good suggestions for a wedding event.

A wedding planner can help you stick within your budget.

Are you thinking of wearing that beautiful, luxury wedding dress from Malaysia? Check first if it will work well with your budget. If you are a on a tight budget, you need to look for alternatives. A good wedding planner can lead you to the right choices. You can even save more money, since these professionals are known for scoring big discounts.

A wedding planner can help you enjoy your special day.

Just in case something goes wrong, your wedding planner is there to address the problem. During your wedding, the only order of business is to cherish those special moments. You need to trust the person you will hire for the job.

A wedding planner is an industry expert.

This is the number one reason why couples hire wedding planners. Whether you are expecting 60 or 160 guests, planning wedding requires a thorough routine. Your wedding planner juggles the job of a budget manager, legal counsel, wedding coordinator, designer and more. You can her to take care of your to-do list, and deal with emergencies.

How to Pick a Watch

Ever wish you had a mechanical watch however simply don’t have the foggiest idea what to purchase? Or on the other hand, did your old watch break and now you are hoping to purchase another one?

The perfect watch will be unique in relation to the individual to individual, contingent upon the highlights, materials, and segments wanted. This can be a staggering procedure, yet once you know your choices and pursue a couple of techniques, you can pick the perfect skeleton watch for you unfailingly.

Choosing What to Buy

1. Think about the sorts.

When you are selecting a watch, you ought to comprehend the various kinds you can purchase. There are three principal kinds of watches: simple, computerized, and simple/advanced.

A simple watch holds hour and moment hands with the hours portrayed with numbers, imprints, or roman numerals. Computerized watches show time in the numerical structure on either an LCD or an LED face. Simple/advanced watches consolidate the two different sorts into one watch.

• Analog watches are commonly viewed as customary and are useful for business and formal events just like dates. Advanced watches are exceptionally easygoing.

Simple/advanced watches are pragmatic since they can be worn regularly and are additionally useful for work, however, they aren’t for formal events.

2. Find the materials.

There are two components on a watch where materials matter. The case and the band will change materials relying upon the brand, style, type, and cost of the watch.

The case, or part that holds the substance of the watch, ordinarily can be made of plastic, tar, metal, for example, steel, metal, or titanium, just as valuable metals, for example, gold, silver, and platinum. The groups can be made in the majority of the materials as cases, with the expansion of materials, for example, canvas, calfskin (genuine and phony), and outlandish skins.

• The cost of these materials shifts enormously. Plastic will clearly be the least expensive, modest, manufactured materials will fall straightaway, calfskin and different skins will be marginally increasingly, run of the mill metals will be straightaway, while the valuable metal watches are regularly the costliest.

Those costs will differ contingent upon the nature of the valuable materials. For instance, metal extents from the most economical 10K metals to the more costly 18K metals.

3. Realize development types.

Development types are the power hotspots for the watches. Watches utilize three essential development types: battery, quartz, and mechanical.

Battery development uses batteries as the main wellspring of intensity. Quartz development runs when the intensity of a battery is sent through the quartz within the watch. Mechanical development depends on the wearer winding the components, which is either manual or programmed.

• Battery watches are the least expensive and least lavish. Computerized watches and watches purchased at office or apparel stores are commonly battery watches.

Quartz watches are marginally more costly than customary battery watches, yet are the most precise of all the various sorts. They require little support besides periodically supplanting the battery and are not prized by gatherers because of the straightforwardness of their structure.

• Mechanical watches are either twisted by hand (manual) or are twisted for the duration of the day by the developments of the wearer (programmed, or self-winding). These watches are the costliest, most sumptuous, and are prized most by gatherers because of the multifaceted nature of their structure.

4. Choose a style.

You can purchase watch styles explicitly intended for games, work, formal occasions, going out, and easygoing outfits. Where you will be wearing your watch ought to be the primary factor in choosing what style of watch to purchase.

On the off chance that you are going to utilize it while running, swimming, or you need some additional highlights managing pulse, you ought to go with a games watch, field watch or jumpers watch. In the event that you need a watch to wear to work, formal occasions, or dates, your most logical option is to purchase a dress watch.

In the event that you simply need an everyday watch to wear with all the fixings, purchase an easygoing watch. On the off chance that you need it for a wide range of events from work to regular day to day existence, go with a dress watch.

It looks better when you wear easygoing garments with a dress watch than it does to wear an easygoing watch with office clothing.
• The device watch is a developing style that continues picking up notoriety consistently, however, they are still most prevalent with well-informed people. They have highlights that incorporate things, for example, schedules, advanced cameras, and email programs, just to give some examples.

• The various styles can run anyplace from easy to lavish, contingent upon the brand, fashioner, cost, and capacities.

5. Pick a brand.

Remembering your spending limit, glance through the sorts of brands that make watches and choose your top picks. Numerous organizations have been around for quite a long time, so picking a brand can be overpowering.

Research the organization’s history to perceive to what extent they have been making watches and what styles they have. Ask your family and companions who have purchased watches in the past what brands they like and have worked best for them.

You can even do some online examination, perusing surveys about specific organizations and their watch models. You have to ensure that the brand you pick has the style that you choose you need.

6. Think about the highlights.

When you are choosing the perfect watch, you have to comprehend what highlight you need and need to be included in your watch. All watches have fundamental models and increasingly expound models.

You can purchase anything from a dress watch that solitary reads a clock to an easygoing watch that has a PC in it to a game watch that will reveal to you your pulse, the separation you’ve voyage, and calories consumed, just to give some examples. The more amazing the devices, the more costly the watch.

It really relies upon what you need your watch for. For instance, on the off chance that you will be doing a great deal of worldwide travel for business, you may consider purchasing a dress watch that enables you to read a clock over various time zones. The potential outcomes are tremendous and changed.

• One fundamental component you might need to consider is the degree of water obstruction. The degree of opposition required relies upon the measure of water that you need to wear your watch in.

Conventional water opposition will deal with spills and rainstorms. The upper degrees of water opposition differ from 50 meters to 1000-meter obstruction, which spreads washing dishes to remote ocean scuba jumping and everything in the middle.

7. Change the fit.

When you have discovered every one of the components on a watch that you like, you presently need to make the last stride, which is to ensure that the watch fits you.

You need your watch band to be tight enough that it doesn’t slide around your wrist however free enough that it doesn’t remove your course. You need the watch case to be little or enormous enough to look proportionate on your arm however not go a lot the other way in any case.

• A great size test for your watch is to attempt to move your watch here and there your arm. On the off chance that it can move, it is excessively little. In the event that it doesn’t and it leaves an engraving on your wrist when you evacuate it, it is too huge.

On the off chance that it doesn’t leave an engraving and you can’t move it all over your arm, at that point your watch fits superbly.

• If you are a tall or imposing person, you have to guarantee that the watchband won’t be unreasonably little for you and that the watch face isn’t unreasonably little for your extents. In the event that you have little wrists or a slight casing, you need a littler watch band and face.

What our guests say


We had a wonderful stay at villa Ciestra. The house is beautiful and the pool is amazing. We had multiple meals cooked and prepared and every single one was the best we ever had.

— Jennifer Valles

We would definitely stay there again. Great place, perfect patio and excellent restaurant across the street, right in the middle of the action in Punta Cana.

— Walt Whitman

We had a wonderful stay at villa Ciestra. The house is beautiful and the pool is amazing. We had multiple meals cooked and prepared and every single one was the best we ever had.

— Jennifer Valles

We would definitely stay there again. Great place, perfect patio and excellent restaurant across the street, right in the middle of the action in Punta Cana.

— Walt Whitman