5 Important Pages Every WordPress Blog Must Have

1. Contact Page

Understanding how to make money through your blog in Malaysia can be a big challenge, most
especially for beginners. One of the first things you need to think about here is how to connect
with the right people who can offer you wonderful opportunities. Make sure that your WordPress
blog has a contact page, in case advertisers, blog readers, and potential partners want to reach out
to you.

2. Disclaimer Page

A blog disclaimer is highly important if you want to make money online. In this part, you can
communicate to people how exactly you make money from your platform. For example, if you
promote affiliate products and display banner ads, inform people that is how your posts are

3. About Page

An “About” page is essential for any kind of website. Use this page to tell people about your
mission, values, purpose and the people behind your blog. It helps establish trust between you
and your audience. Through this part, you can showcase your content to more people, including
potential business partners.

4. Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page informs people about the data you are collecting for your platform, and
how you and third-party websites utilize this data. Even though you are not gathering user data,
Google Analytics and other third-party tools can still set cookies.
Are you using Google AdSense? If yes, you are required to include a privacy policy page on
your WordPress blog.

5. Products and Services Page

Some bloggers maximize their earning potential by including a products and service page on
their WordPress blog. If you are selling products without utilizing an ecommerce plugin, you
need to build this kind of page manually.