5 SEO Copywriting Tips You Should Learn About

1. Make all your headings and subheadings more engaging.

Subheadings make your blog content even more readable. If your subheadings are boring, readers would leave the web page no matter how informative your article is. Show your readers how a specific technique can benefit them. One great idea is to add benefits or statistics to some of them.

2. Catch the attention of your target readers with catchy headlines.

Learn from the best platforms like ViralNova and BuzzFeed. Many content marketers hate them, but most of their headlines are really worth reading. Your goal is to write subheadings and headlines that capture people’s attention instantly, generating more and more clicks.

3. Include long-tail keywords in your content.

Do you know that it is a lot easier to rank for strong long-tail keywords compared to other common keywords? The more specific the keywords are, the more chances of visitors turning into customers. A long-tail keyword has at least 4 keywords and more.

4. Get more and more shares by adding catchy call-to-action buttons.

There are tons of ways to get more shares. But, what is the easiest approach to improve your blog content’s social shares? The answer is call-to-action statements. By adding contextual CTAs to your content can incorporate more value to it. Your CTAs must be enticing and clear! If your point is valuable and informative, there is no reason why individuals would not click it.

5. Use strong keywords your target readers use to run search queries.

One of the best things you can do to improve your website performance is to hire an SEO marketer in Malaysia. This professional can guide you when it comes to copywriting, and using keywords to improve your ranking. However, if you have no plans of hiring an expert for now, feel free to do your own research. One of the most brilliant tools you can use is Google Keyword Planner.