Hiring an SEO Analyst

Are you thinking of hiring an SEO analyst in Malaysia who can help you with your blogging business? If you want your blog to be truly successful in the digital landscape in the long run, you need the help of an expert. Below are some of the things you must look into before hiring one.

SEO Analyst Qualifications

make sure to hire an SEO analyst with good qualifications. Having a reliable and knowledgeable analyst would help your SEO campaigns fly high. Qualifications all boil down these categories.

  • the projects accomplished, as well as the results
  • the number of years in the search engine optimization field
  • mastery level of key SEO skills

Mastery of Important SEO Skills

1. Site Mapping

A site map is a simple directory or guide that golds details about your website structure, namely your website pages. Site mapping is important to ensuring that Google and other search engine bots would crawl your website correctly. Without proper site mapping, it would take a while before bots get to navigate around it.

2. User Engagement

Look for an SEO analyst who can make sure that bots can navigate around your web pages without any trouble. This person is responsible for moderating how people engage with your website. If you want to convert website visitors to customers, you need to keep them engaged. In line with this, conversions, clicks and traffic should also be monitored thoroughly when running campaigns.

3. Using Social Media

With the emergence of social media, it’s important for your SEO analyst to understand how to utilize social media to your advantage. He or she must be able to help you around different social media platforms to launch ads, and bring stronger awareness about your website.

4. Creating backlinks

Backlinks can help your website in many ways. It can help drive more traffic to your pages, and at the same time, help your website rank high on search engine results pages. Choose someone who can build and create backlinks, know all the difference between links, and figure out which websites are worth linking to.

5. Budget management

SEO analysts must have great budget management skills. If you are planning to use paid tools for your SEO strategy, you need someone who can make the most out of your budget. This professional should know how to manage funds well, to completely use it for your platform’s benefit.