How to Prolong Your Good Times in Bed

1. Look for Distractions

It’s a cliché, but there’s a kernel of truth to it: when an orgasm happens, think of sweaty gym shoes— or anything that distracts you. Although it is not confirmed, non-sexual thought tends to forget the feeling and allow you some time to recover.

2. Practice Edging

Edging refers to a form of control of orgasm where a person can decrease sensation just before it reaches the point of inevitability of ejaculations. Which means getting down — and slowing down — until you reach the point of no return. It’s not just the advantage of your friend. Many people claim that edging will lead to higher orgasms. Patience is a virtue, they claim. If that’s true, after edging maybe an orgasm is the way nature pats you on the back.

3. Play the Game

Wherever sex goes, toys (maybe) are going to follow. Try to think about a cock ring if you’re hoping for an external help to make you stay longer in bed. This won’t work for all men, but Experts suggest that by limiting the blood flow out of the prostate, they can help extend erections. You should wear them around your hands, well, too. For most males, when they get close to ejaculation, they have a “warning.” Just before reaching orgasm, the testes will begin to rise closer to the vagina. You can sometimes stop the climax from occurring for a bit longer by bringing them gently back down, or by wearing a cock ring that does the same.

4. Place the boys with the Squeeze.

If you’re reading articles like this, you’ve probably heard about the “squeeze method” before. Basically, it refers to squeezing the penis just before ejaculation in the area between the shaft and the glans. The goal is to get the attention back in the game and put a hold on the ejaculatory reaction. “The pinch” is intended to disrupt the ejaculatory cycle,. It is an old-school technique that was first developed for treating premature ejaculation by renowned sex experts. And it does, yes.

5. Have a routine of the Pregame.

Tired of looking for men’s wellness products to last long? Well, here’s another tip for you. Until sex, masturbating is a way of giving yourself attention. You give yourself a better shot to last longer with your partner by using the refractory period..

6. Slow down your good role.

Sex is not a sprint, but a marathon. During sex, some guys are going high. Moving gently can be more sensual, comfortable and pleasurable, and it can make it easier to keep track of an impending climax. So if you want to linger longer in bed, just consider slowing down. Really, really. This isn’t a race. It’s just one of the few areas of life where you get ranked last in the first place.

7. Adjust Strategically

Scratching a scratch requires a bit of pacing. To find relief, you have to get the right speed to hit the right spot. Orgasms aren’t that special. And the tempo may need to be broken by those who want to stay longer. It is a perfect means of diversion to change sex positions. The unfamiliar, the richer. It’s much more difficult for the body to climax if it hasn’t previously experienced orgasm.

When you normally lie down orgasm, it may take you longer to stand up to orgasm. This is due to proprioception, or the way the body knows its physical role and on which muscles to depend. Switching roles or sex acts can be a great way to keep the party going while allowing the body time to switch attention.