Things That Can Interrupt Your Sex Drive

In order to achieve great sex life, many men engage in exercise, proper diet and right supplements for men but they must also realize that bad habits can ruin it all. You should also stop engaging in the following bad habits, in addition to adding some of the everyday activities from the previous section to your daily regimes.


A glass of wine with dinner may help put you in a sex mood, but alcohol overindulgence–particularly on a regular basis–that depress your libido. Drinking to excess may weaken your sexual sensitivity and may make holding an erection or reaching orgasm more difficult for you. If you do drink, try to include some water at a ratio of 2-to-1 with alcoholic beverages.

Lack of Rest

Lack of quality sleep is another bad habit that leads to sexual dysfunction. Most of your testosterone production occurs when you sleep, so your body may not generate enough testosterone to sustain healthy erections if you don’t get enough sleep. Yes, one study found that lack of sleep causes testosterone levels to drop by as much as 70%.


Does the noise keep you up at night? If so, this could be a contributing factor to your erectile dysfunction. Studies show that the psychological triggers for ED are most important, and that includes stress!

Too Much Sugar

You may be tempted to drown your sorrows in a sugar soft drink or a bowl of ice cream if you are feeling stressed. What you may not know is that too much sugar in your diet will improve your insulin production, causing you to lose muscle mass and accumulate more fat around your belly. High levels of abdominal fat are associated with low testosterone levels and increased levels of estrogen-these combined factors can cause low libido and erectile dysfunction.