Web mistakes you should avoid

Mistakes You Should Avoid In Website Design

Website Design: Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your company may be offering high-quality consumer products, but if you have a poorly designed website, you still can’t get at the top of your game. A badly designed website is a major obstacle you should immediately address.

Remember, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression for your web design company so don’t waste it. Below is a list of some of the web design errors you should avoid.

Failure to Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

As per Google, if your layout is not mobile friendly, then you will experience some ranking issues. See to it that your pages look good, and are functional even on smaller screens.

2. confusing Site Navigation

 Bad Navigation

Website navigation is an important aspect of web design hat is often overlooked. This is the main foundation of your brand’s sales funnel. Your goal? Encourage your users to convert, and make the entire process fast and easy.

3. Too Much Clutter

Too much clutter can distract your website visitors, and lead them away from your real message. Your product description, call-to-action buttons and marketing message should always be accessible and noticeable. Don’t let it disappear amongst the useless affiliate ads and unorganized content.

4. Unclear Call-to-Action Buttons

Call to action

Successful websites guide users towards an effective journey. They only have a single goal in mind–lots of conversions. When you have an unclear CTA, navigation can be difficult for your potential customers. This can lead to loss of vast profits.

5. Bad Image Choices

Humans are visual creatures. Any high-quality, compelling image would capture our attention. When you incorporate quality, appropriate images in your pages, you can gain your consumers’ trust, and improve user engagement.