Things That Affect Your Erection

Erections are a product of a balanced body function that is beneficial when a man is looking for pleasure or masturbation. However, often an erection occurs when a person does not want one. The male supplements that help erections involve sex, but having an erection does not necessarily indicate that a man wants to masturbate or engage in sexual activity. Unwanted erections spontaneously affect a lot of men. You typically are not a sign of a health condition, but you may feel nervous or humiliated. It doesn’t just “arise” to get an erection – in fact it is a complicated process that includes hormones, nerves and your physiological , psychological and general health. An imbalance is enough to weaken your erections even in one of these conditions, so it is necessary to do everything you can to hold it up.

Vascular health

For erections, safe, well-functioning arteries and veins are required. The blood flow required for good erections may be compromised with higher cholesterol, blood pressure, nervous system problems, and diabetes. If you are having erection issues, prepare for a thorough consultation with your doctor. Erection issues are also an indicator that you may have a far more severe health condition. As with your fitness, it’s an effort that begins now to sustain erections throughout your life. If your heart, brain or health are good, your erections will be good. It will be good.

Depression and medications 

It is a well known erection killer that is depression itself and the drugs used to cure many other mood disorders. Speak to the doctor if you have trouble with one of these drugs to see if you can turn to a drug that does not lead to ED.

Blood pressure and medications

High blood pressure destroys the erection blood vessels. Many drugs used for treating hypertension can also affect erections, so discuss the correct treatment with your doctor. Some types of drugs for blood pressure are less difficult to construct.


While many consider it healthy and even lawful to use marijuana regularly in some countries, testosterone can reduce an individual, which can lead to various problems, such as ED.


Excess alcohol is a source of testosterone that affects your liver and brain and your testicles. You may not necessarily see the repercussions for your erections, but drinking too often will probably increase the risk of ED later in your life.


Study following research shows that exercise preserves erections healthy and functional with age. You don’t have to spend hours a day in the gym — it can be different even though you walk easily many days a week. An erectile dysfunction (ED) “couch potato” lifestyle will improve the chances.

Nutrition and Diet

It is essential to eat a healthy antioxidant-rich diet that includes various fresh fruits and vegetables. The more antioxidants they have, the darker the hue. One study found that men who ate blackberries had stronger erections per day. Aim to increase fish and reduce beef and dairy animal fats. Don’t get crazy with calories. Don’t eat as if never again you’re going to eat. Instead, just eat what you need for the next dinner.