What is an Architect?

An architecture student that graduates, gets a license, and would render the necessary hours of training can actually become a lot of things. What I mean is that the job opportunities are vast and they have many things that they can do once they’ve got the necessary requirements.

For instance, one may choose to become a landscape architect and provide landscape services for people who want to beautify their outdoor spaces. Or perhaps, you can become an interior designer to create amazing pieces that can be used within the premises.

Whatever the case may be, being an architect actually encompasses a lot of things. But, the main definition of their profession would be to use both art and science to help create buildings that are not only structurally sound, but also aesthetically pleasing and quite functional as well (not to mention that it should be safe to use).

An Architect’s Job Description

At the very core of architecture, architects can organize different types of spaces. They can either create building designs for use in urban structures such as skyscrapers, parks, among many others.

Their designs can also create residential homes as well. They will talk to their clients, get the building requirements, and get the ball rolling.

Mainly, architects can make designs and plan the sites for where these structures are going to be built on.


An architect’s responsibility is actually quite varied and people who choose this profession can have a number of things to do. They can either teach aspiring architects by providing lessons and teaching in colleges and universities.

They can also help organize and run professional organizations, such as the Royal Institute of British Architects, American Institute of Architects, and so much more.

Architects can also use their knowledge, skills, and talents to help promote green architecture. In fact, some architects have already stopped climate change and global warming by helping develop structures that are energy-efficient and by using materials from old and existing buildings repurposed for the creation of new ones.

Different Kinds

When a person goes to get a degree in architecture, they will be taught a lot of mathematical concepts, as well as the preservation of historic structures and monuments and structural engineering, among many others.

Because of their varied training and the things that they can utilize later in life, an architecture graduate has plenty of career opportunities.

One may aspire to become an information architect– whose purpose is to help plan the flow of information on the websites that you see on the internet. Although they are not related to helping create building designs, they are still known to create a suitable environment, albeit online.

Other career options include becoming an urban planner, landscape architect, video game designer, interior designer, junior architect, and so much more.

Just so you know, the word ‘architect’ actually came from the Greek word, architekton, which means chief (archi-) and builder (tekton). Therefore, we can say that an architect can be considered an artist by making sure that the buildings are aesthetically pleasing and we can also consider them as engineers for helping create blueprints and building designs.